About Engineering And Leadership

My name is Pat Sweet. I’m an engineer, product manager, entrepreneur and MBA student living in eastern Ontario, Canada with my beautiful wife and newborn daughter. This blog is written to help other engineers learn about leadership and management, and to help them develop their leadership and management skills.

My Goal

My ultimate goal is to help my readers become amazing leaders and managers.

I hope to do this by sharing lessons I’ve learned throughout my career, my schooling, and by sharing the books, courses and other resources I’ve discovered along the way. Ultimately, I want to create a community for engineers who are taking on leadership and management roles to provide them with the support they need to succeed..

Why Am I Doing This?

In my experience, there’s been a serious need for of leadership and management skills among our generation of engineers. I think there’s an incredible opportunity for engineers to really shine through developing these skills. Many engineers have what it takes to become leaders, but you need to actively develop those skills in order to thrive. I’ve been fortunate enough have the opportunity to develop those skills and put them to the test. Now, I want to share what I’ve learned for the betterment of the profession.

What Gives Me the Right to Talk About Leadership?

I’ve been actively developing my leadership skills and putting them to work for over a decade. In that time, I’ve been a lead engineer for a $150 million+ transit development project, a product manager for a Financial Post 500 company, named a director of an international rail industry group, lead my own web development company, and spoken at leading universities.

I’ve learned a great deal about leadership and management throughout my career, and now I want to share that knowledge with other engineers to help them attain similar roles and thrive in them.

Next Steps

I hope you’re able to benefit from what I have to write about. If you like something, don’t like something, have comments, questions, or conundrums, please let me know! I’ve looking forward to meeting you all and I sincerely hope I can be of service.


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