Here are some must-have resources for young engineers interested in developing their leadership skills.


Below, I mention a number of my favourite books. You can get any one of these books for free in an audio version with’s 30-day trial, if you’re the auditory type like I am.

Courses and Continuing Education


  • My (old) favourite online to-do list – Remember The Milk.
  • My NEW favourite online to-do list – Asana.
  • Never forget anything again with Evernote.
  • Skitch is a product in the Evernote family for annotations and markups. I’ve started using this for schematics markups, and it’s awesome.


  • The Engineering Career Coach blog by Anthony Fasano and co. is an excellent resource for engineering career development and leadership skills.
  • The Engineer Leader is a blog by Christian Knutson. Christian is a P.E., PMP, and serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. Chris knows a lot about engineering, and a lot about leading people.
  • The 4-Hour Work Week blog never fails to deliver on interesting case studies, especially in the area of personal productivity.
  • The “At Work” section of the IEEE Spectrum blog has great career and educational articles.
  • The name pretty much speaks for itself. I contribute to the jobs section of this site regularly.
  • David Allen’s GTD Times Blog is an excellent resource for personal productivity.
  • Morgan Bakies has an interesting blog about women in engineering and working abroad. Morgan’s passionate about engineering education – definitely worth a look.
  • Being Brunel – Notes from A Civil Engineer is exactly what you might think. An excellent resource for civils and all other engineers.
  • Engineer Your Life is a site and blog that Erica Lee Garcia runs. She’s an engineer, a coach, an entrepreneur, and full of awesome ideas.
  • Engineering Career Launcher– An awesome site dedicated to straight talk, soft skills and support for aspiring engineers.


Other Sites

  • Eng-Tips is an awesome forum to get your technical questions answered by other engineers.

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